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Gangbusters was a police/crime drama series broadcast from 1935 to 1957 on NBC and CBS. Sponsored by Chevrolet and debuted on July 20, 1935 as the G-Man, the program changed the name to Gangbusters the following year in 1936. Gangbusters was created, produced, and acted by Phillips H. Lord as the sheriff. Working with the Bureau's director J. Edgar Hoover, Lord dramatized FBI cases that had been closed. In the show's introduction, Gangbusters proclaimed itself as "the only national program that brings you authentic police case histories." With superb sound effects and its gritty realism, Gangbusters' vivid presentation of crime-beating police and their work became the best-remembered of all radio police dramas.

The cases presented in Gangbusters are nationally notorious crimes from the FBI's files. The show brings authentic police work behind the scenes to the airwaves. It portrays the violent, cruel, and the ugly aspects of the lives of criminals. Each episode opens with a loud siren joined by the announcer's deep and grave voice briefing the case on hand.

At the end of each Gangbusters show, a national alert would be broadcast for actual criminals wanted by the police or the FBI. A description of the wanted would be given and radio fans would call in to help the authority by giving any tips they may have.

There are 61 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Ape Bandit January 11, 1940
The Case of Blackie Thompson February 24, 1940
The Nickel and Dime Bandits March 28, 1941
The Case of the Missing Corpse October 10, 1941
The Case of Bielanski and Tillotson September 15, 1944
The Case of John K Giles September 29, 1945
The Case of Al Simeone December 22, 1945
The Case of Matthew Cazzara November 24, 1945
The Case of Harry Red Beaver September 15, 1945
The Case of Red Coleman December 29, 1945
The Case of the Texas Killer January 12, 1946
Special Broadcast The Honest Cop December 21, 1946
The Case of the Rumbold Vault Robbery January 5, 1946
The Elusive Burglar - Part 1 December 14, 1946
The Assault Against Alcatraz May 11, 1946
The Case of Troy Blankenship December 20, 1947
The Elusive Burglar - Part 2 January 4, 1947
The Supersonic Safecrackers December 6, 1947
The Devil and the Syndicate - Part 2 October 18, 1947
The Case of the Jersey Butcher Bandits November 8, 1947
The Devil and the Syndicate - Part 3 October 25, 1947
The Devil and the Syndicate - Part 1 October 11, 1947
The Case of the Kidnapped Paymaster October 4, 1947
The Triple Threat Bandits December 27, 1947
The Case of Craig and Motes June 19, 1948

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